Project process

Step One: Collect Information To Provide Quote And Confirm With Customer.

We need information about your required materials and applications before Sales Team provide you with a quote for your project. If you can provide designs or drawings of your desired product, it will be useful for us to facilitate the quote process. Our sales will gather information with you such as:

  • Material characteristics(PVC, Halogen free, etc.),
  • Dimensions and quantities,
  • Compliance with environmental protection requirements,
  • Application environment conditions.

Once our Sales Team collects all the necessary information, they send it to the Engineering Department. At this point, our engineer and Production Department may reach out to you with some details.

Raw materials are a major factor impacting the project’s quote,Engineering Department will make sure to help you with material recommendations based on any provided designs and drawings and the application requirements.  

Once it’s ready, Sales Team will emails it to you in 48 hours. Sales follows up to ensure there are no problems with pricing, lead time, or other details included in the quote.

Step Two: Confirm Drawing And Making Sample.

Our Engineering Department start to creating your product design or drawing. After getting your approval, Engineering Department submit the drawings to production team and making sample according to the product specifications collected in advance. We will communicate with you to increase the mold equipment, parts requirements, improve the structure or process and other details to ensure that the production perfectly meets your needs.

All of our products (including samples) will carry out various necessary related functions, dimensions and life tests before leaving the factory. We will ensure that they fully comply with the requirements and standards of you and submit qualified samples as soon as possible.

Step Three: Materials Procurement And Trial Production.

When the sample is confirmed by you, we recommend you to conduct a small batch trial production. Purchase Department purchases materials based on the BOM provided by Engineering Department. The IQC from Quality Department guarantees these purchased materials will be tested according to the incoming material inspection control process. All materials must be qualified before batch trial production.

Quality Department convenes Production Department, Engineering Department and Marketing Department to evaluate the trial products and form a written report. The evaluation content has three points:

  • Production process
  • Product quality
  • The use of newly opened molds

Step Four: Mass production.

After the straight-through rate of trial products reaches the standard, Marketing Department issues a “production order” to Production Department according to your order requirements. Production Department will carry out mass production according to the “Production Schedule And Order Tracking Table”.

During the mass production process, Quality Department will also conduct the first inspection confirmation, round inspection and full inspection of the finished product, and make a record.

Step Five: Packaging And Shipping

Once we have manufactured and quality checked every piece of the order, it is time for us to complete the finishing touches. We carefully package the products at our facility before shipping them to the customer.